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Brandi Love is one of the sexiest and hottest MILFs in the porn industry. Some of Brandi’s personality traits that has allowed her to prosper in the porn industry are highlighted in this Brandi Love biography.

Brandi Love’s real name is Tracey Lynn Livermore.

Brandi is certainly not in her 20s and there has been rumors in porn industry that she is coming to the end of her career, but news of this has been greatly exaggerated. Brandi compares her porn career to that of a musician. In a musician’s early career, they produce music they like, but also focus on what will be able to sell. Further into their careers, once they have established a name, they get to explore the music they really want to make.

So now, Brandi Love get to focus on making raw and primal porn scenes. She still loves the girls, and likes it hot, seductive, nuanced, and seductive.

However, Brandi is a strategic planner and knows that her time in front of the camera is limited by time. So, she has decided to focus on three principle areas in her porn career: Her adult industry bucket list, direct interaction activities with her fans, and projects that help to provide a future for adult performers.

Brandi admits that her background was very normal, with a conservative childhood. She was raised as a Christian, and more specifically as a Presbyterian. Both her and her brother went to college and have been married for well over 20 years.

Early on, Brandi always marched to her own beat, instead of following the norm. She played the saxophone when it was expected for her to play the piano. Instead of going to ballerina classed, Brandi played soccer and ran track. She also rode a motorcycle when she was 17.

Before entering the porn world, Brandi worked in the corporate world and had a number of different jobs. These include being an account executive for a staffing agency which gave her experience in sales. The first company that Brandi owned was in the wine industry.

Brandi doesn’t exactly remember when she first lost her virginity, but she knows it was somewhere between the age of 16 and 17 years of age. She recalls this as she had her driver’s license and would drive to her boyfriend’s house.

Brandi did have experience with girls, but not to the extent that she has experienced within the adult industry. Brandi and her husband did partake in the swinging lifestyle, so she did have multiple encounters with other couples and group scenarios. So her first lesbian experiences were later in life, after college. However, her first real one-on-one lesbian experience was in the porn industry.

While Brandi was running her wine business, she decided in 2002 to setup a website. The webmasters that she used to design her website happened to be in the adult industry. They asked if she wanted to do something in the adult world, which caught her interest. Once she put a business plan together, she decided to abandon her wine business, and transition 100% into the porn business.

Brandi got a late start in porn and didn’t entered the industry when she was 33 years old.

In the second part of the Brandi Love biography, we present some more personal and intimate details about this stunning MILF.

Brandi is very much into fitness, and this can easily be confirmed with one look at her sleek and muscular body. She works out 5 days a week, and does an hour of cardio during each workout session, along with weight training. She also changes it up by going hiking and doing yoga. A clean diet and religious 5 day a week fitness routine is her secret to staying in shape.

Brandi loves different sexual positions, depending on who she is with. However, she does have a soft spot for good old-fashioned missionary sex. She loves being able to stare into her lover’s eyes while she is getting fucked.

In terms of what gets Brandi turned on, she really loves kissing. She is also very oral, both in giving and receiving.

She confesses that she is not really multi-orgasmic but does strive for at least one orgasm during each scene. She has a tendency to be a full body cummer, and feels it all the way down to her toes. However, if the scene goes on for long enough, she can manage to cum a second time.

Brandi does have a very active sex life and prefers a real cock in her pussy instead of her fingers. However, there are times when she just needs to get off, so she masturbates about three times a week. She prefers using her own fingers instead of toys so she can have more control over the pace of her orgasm.

When guy blows his load, Brandi loves to play with cum so she prefers facials.

In her spare time, she prefers to stay active and loves to travel. She still retains her wine interests from her former business and strives to learn even more about wine.

In terms of music, Brandi is a rocker and loves everything from the 70s to the late 80s rock. She is also into heavier tunes such as thrash and metal.

She has numerous favorite movies but admits that that she always comes back to Braveheart.

For TV shows, Brandi loves Breaking Bad, Dexter, Game of Thrones, and Californication.

Brandi Love Biography

Sunny, sexy Brandi Love can make any man smile with her naughty eyes and tight fit physique. Brandi Love is a gorgeous, enthusiastic, and outgoing alluring tramp with a body to kickstart your heart. She’s got ideal tan skin, a fit stomach, long legs, and lips that are ideal for dick stroking.

This curvalicious tramp confesses she was such a nasty nympho growing up she always knew she’d wind up a porn star someday. Most hotties end up in porn for the cash, but not Brandi Love; she started filming porn for one reason, and one reason only: she just loves to suck cock. With her pale skin, gorgeous looks, and ruby red lips, it’s easy to see the reason how she is one of the best newcomer pornstars. Brandi Love is one of of the hottest nymphos in the business.

The year 2006 was improved with Brandi Love starting up her pornstar debut. This hot slut was 33 years old when she started out screwing for us to view. Over 15 years, and 506 porn sex scenes later, Brandi Love is still wanting to fuck some more dick, and stroke some more snatch. Great examples of Brandi’s most recent very hot screaming orgasms can be found in BBC Club by, and Black Meat White Feet 9 by Hush Hush Entertainment.She has been nominated for 49 awards and has won some. Some of her more latest honors include the 2019 PornHub Award for Favorite MILF, the 2019 PornHub Award for Highly Experienced Top MILF Performer and the 2018 XBiz Award for Best Actress – All-Girl Release, Candidate (2017).

Brandi Love Biography Summary

Brandi Love was born in Raleigh, NC on March 29, 1973 which makes her an Aries. Her measurements are 36C-25-36, she weighs in at 125 lbs (57 kg) and stands at 5’7″ (170 cm). Her body is average with fake/enhanced 34E perfect tits. She has lustful brown eyes and lovely blond hair.

Brandi Love Biography
Brandi Love Biography Awards

2020 Award Wins and Nominations

AVN Awards – Nominee: Fan Award: Social Media Star

AVN Awards – Nominee: Fan Award: Hottest MILF

AVN Awards – Nominee: MILF Performer of the Year

Spank Bank Awards – Nominee: Most Volumptous Vixen

Spank Bank Awards – Nominee: Fabulous Footjob Artisan of the Year

Spank Bank Awards – Nominee: Magnificent MILF of the Year

Spank Bank Awards – Nominee: Undisputed Twitter Champion of the Year

XBiz Awards – Nominee: MILF Performer of the Year

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